LDS Women to Pray In General Conference Meetings

March 29, 2013

Sources online are suggesting that women are scheduled to give prayers in General Sessions of Conference the first week in April. This is a big deal because it is the first time this has happened in LDS history…or at least in recent LDS history. Although women have given prayers in general women’s meeting of the LDS Church they have not been allowed to do so in the other general meetings. And people said those pant-wearing ‘protests’ were a silly waste of time.

The Salt Lake Tribune

Jana Riess’ Flunking Sainthood Blog

Many credit the change at least in part to a Facebook campaign started back in January. Check it out here: Let Women Pray

The LDS Church has chosen to not address the claims. The Trib talked with “Church spokesman Scott Trotter (who) would not confirm or deny the female prayers, saying only that “decisions on speakers and prayers at General Conference were made many weeks ago.”

I have to give credit to the LDS Church for making a move that is loooooong overdue. Finally. Thank you.

I also though have to rattle the Church’s cage a little bit to and ask why practices that create inequality but are eventually said to not be doctrine have to stand for so long? And where is the doctrinal reason for not allowing LDS women to hold the priesthood? Is there any…because I havent seen one. And if there is not how long do we have to go before LDS women can be ordained?

I realize it’s a bit soon after one change to be looking for another so soon. Maybe its too soon to move on to the priesthood and talk like this but considering how long these things take I think we’d better get started.

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