Kate Kelly Exed, John Dehlin & Rock Waterman Face Discipline

June 24, 2014

So I was working on a post about the scheduled discipline for Kate Kelly and John Dehlin as Kate’s scheduled Church Court came and went and eventually the announcement was made was that she had been excommunicated.

If you’re an Internet Mormon then likely you’ve heard all about the recent moves by LDS Church leaders to discipline LDS who are vocally advocating for change or are discussing sensitive or uncomfortable issues. Specifically, John Dehlin— creator and host of Mormon Stories Podcast, Kate Kelly— founder of the Ordain Women Movement, and Rock Waterman, the creator of the Pure Mormonism blog. According to Internet accounts there have been other people who have been spoken to by LDS leaders and some who support Ordain Women have had Temple Recommends taken away by their local leaders.

News of the excommunication has exploded across the Internet— or at least as much as this sort of thing really can.

And a lot of questions are being asked:

What are the real grounds for Kate’s excommunication?

What does this action mean for other people who are aggressively and publicly discussing tough Mormon issues?

What will happen as a result of John Dehlin’s and Rock Waterman’s exchanges with LDS leadership?

What will the bad press mean for the LDS Church?

Here’s some of what is going on online:

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Excommunicated – NBC News

Trib Talk 6/24

I’ll post again on this when we hear more about what is going on with John Dehlin, Rock Waterman and others. I don’t think this is all over yet.

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